What's going on?

We've had lots of questions about what's going on with Inky Hot Mess & Happy Scrapbooker. Life is fully of changes. We've all pretty much learned that throughout 2020 and the beginning of 2021. One never knows what will be thrown at them. 

Inky Hot Mess is now Happy Scrapbooker. Here's what we do know:

We are looking at rebranding ourself. We - yes there's a we now - are looking at what we want to do as a company. We know we will not have a brick & mortar retail paper crafting store. We are also leaning away from an online paper crafting store due to the logistics involved. There's 2 of us and we need to work smarter not harder. We're both college students - one an undergrad and one a grad student. One also has a full time job which keeps them very busy. So we need to take a step back from our initial plans and rethink some of those plans. 

We will be hosting a paper crafting yard sale in June! This will be an in person event with social distancing, masks, and all of that. You will need to bring your own bags. This sale will be CASH ONLY. There will be all NEW products from the Inky Hot Mess store and much more that we received after the store closed. More details to come soon! 

We will be hosting online classes. These classes will have a kit required purchased. Once you purchase the kit, you'll receive a link to access the class online. The class will not be available without purchasing the kit. We will have a video on our blog, Facebook, and YouTube showing you what you'll make in each kit (without the instructions). The first one will feature a collection from Authentique. 

We will be filming a ton of videos! We'll share with you items we've purchased from a variety of paper crafting companies - many of which are very small businesses and not super well known in the community. We have found a ton of micro businesses who make stellar embellishments.

We will also have videos sharing albums and layouts we've made. These albums and layouts will be for sale. Most are one of a kind so if you love them, grab them when we share them! We are thinking about listing these on Etsy after we share them with you.

We're discussing hosting some Facebook Live events where we will have new products bundled together and they will be for sale. We'll send you a PayPal invoice and ship them to you kind of event.

We are hoping to do an online crop. We are trying to figure out how to do this. We want it to be FREE. We are thinking maybe of a Facebook Live and you can comment on the chat for the video? Let us know what you'd like to see in an online crop. This is one way for us to schedule paper crafting time into our busy lives! Many of you probably feel the same way - you're so busy and just need a break for some creativity. 

So this is where we stand as of today. What happens next? Please no more curveballs in life! 


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