Cool Idea from Ali Edwards

I was watching the videos from Ali Edwards' Week in the Life Prep class over the weekend. And she had this really cool idea that I want to try in my regular scrapbooks aside from my Week in the Life adventure.

Throughout December, I take a photo of each holiday DVD we watch and a photo of the name of the movies we watch on Netflix for my December Daily album. I printed these in 3x4 photos and still thought they were kind of big, but whatever I went with it. 

In one of her videos, Ali made screenshots of the podcasts and shows she's following/watching. She made the images into a 2x2 square then used a punch to punch them out. Then she slide them into a page protector which has 2x2 pockets. I think this is a fantastic way to record what books you've read in a month, what tv shows different members of your family watch, what movies you watch on DVD, Netflix, AppleTV, HBO, wherever, albums/songs you buy, what movies you go and see in theaters, etc. I really think this has a so many possibilities! 

And with the pocket page protector, you can alternate which pockets you use - leaving one empty next to the photo so you can do a small amount of journaling. You can also use an app such as Project Life or Photoshop to crate 4x6 photos with 6 2x2 images in each print. You can type in your journaling or leave a square blank and write it in later. I'm pretty excited about this and can't wait to try it out!


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