Super Fun Embellishments from Studio Calico

I admit it. I am 1000% addicted to cameras - particularly camera embellishments. I seriously can't get enough of them. They just make me so happy. Now imagine how much I was flipping out when I stumbled onto these awesome camera chipboard pieces from Studio Calico. Not only do they came in a rainbow assortment, they also come in shiny metallics. Overjoyed! Surprisingly, I did not order every single color they offer. Shocking I know! 

First up is the pink and red camera chipboards.

Here is the orange and yellow chipboard cameras.

These cuties are a light blue and a green.

Be still my heart. Navy blue and light purple chipboard cameras.

Grey and black chipboard cameras.

Shiny, metallic silver chipboard cameras. Squeal! 

Love love love these autumn word stickers. Lots of great words for winter and reading as well. I have been reading quite a bit more now that it's frosty and I'm definitely snuggling with my puppies trying to get all warm & cozy. Someone told them about my love for fleece socks! Hygge is not a typo! There's a stamp set named Hygge. Check it out on their website. 

So you know I have a teeny tiny addiction to cameras. Now you know about my major obsession with stars. There will never be enough stars in my collection. These are the same shiny metallic silver as the cameras. Love love love love these! They've already been popped out and are in my star embellishment bin. I'll share those bins in an upcoming blog post about storage and organization.

These are a fun set of kraft stickers! So rare to find kraft stickers I feel like. Lots of circles with sentiments. Along with several banners with shapes and sentiments. Yup I have an addiction to banners too. Much smaller addiction though. Notice the stars?

I'm still trying to decide if these are aqua or light blue. Who cares? They're just fun little labels. I know I'll get plenty of use out of them no matter if they're aqua or light blue. Either way they will be used up in no time.

I love making pocket cards with the month and date. This June is made from cork and has metallic gold highlights. I believe these were on clearance because I could only find 2 months.

August was the other month I found made from cork. These will be fun to use with summer photos. No beaches around here, but plenty of lakes so I'll make these work. Oh hey one of the lake we visit every year in the Adirondacks has sand and we go for our anniversary in August. Think I just figured out how to use this one while typing up this post. Sweet! 

This is the end of the embellishments I bought from Studio Calico lately. I do have a pile of AMAZING stamps I bought at the same time. That's another post for another time. 

Note: I am not compensated for these products in anyway from the manufacturer. I purchased them and am sharing my opinion on the products. 


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