Redefined Kreative Embellishments

Redefined Kreative sells a variety of embellishments for your paper crafting projects. I found her on Etsy, but she has a website that you can shop on as well. She also has a Facebook page where she does frequent Facebook Lives. Her videos are all about scrapbooking. I found her Etsy shop when I was looking for acrylic embellishments. She designs both acrylic and wood veneer embellishments along with fabric embellishments which are pretty rare. As you can see, I had a little bit of fun shopping!

These acrylic stars are clear and they are textured. I have never seen textured acrylic shapes before so I had to snag these to see what this was about. As you can see, I have pieces going in both directions so you can see what they look like with the flat side facing you and with the flat side facing down on my table. The stars come in a few different sizes. This was one package.

These little guys are the Rockin New Years Star Mix. This is one package of stars. They come as a mix of sizes and colors. The colors are black, glitter silver, and glitter gold. They glitter does not come off like it does with glitter paper. 

These are red/black plaid fleece hearts. They're so soft! I'm thinking these will be great for Christmas and winter layouts. Of course, Valentine's Day works too. Or if you have a little tyke who is rocking a Buffalo Plaid outfit.

Believe! This is actually 3 separate pieces. Love the scrolls. It's from their Christmas release, but I feel like you could use this for much more! If believe is your One Little Word, this would be awesome. I just think this is one of the most beautiful acrylics I've seen.

These are wooden geo tags with hearts instead of the circle. The hearts that are cut out in the manufacturing process come in the package. I can always use little hearts. 

This acrylic piece was the first item I saw in her Etsy shop and I feel in love. This is even better looking in person! It's so delicate. 

This Love You is a wood veneer. All of those hearts from the heart cutouts are included in the package. 

Love these star acrylics. The 3 colors - red, blue, and black - all come together in one package.

Love these blue acrylic snowflakes. Winter has finally arrived in the Finger Lakes and we've been getting snow. 

These autumn leaves come as this assortment. There are some mirrored ones - the middle row on the left one. The flash gave it a funky effect. I can't wait to use these with photos from autumn.

We all need love. This love is a black acrylic. The center of the O is loose so you can use it or not.

I was relieved when the calendar turned to 2021. This will be a great black acrylic to start off my 2021 album.

These are the Festive Star Mix. The small stars are acrylic and come in red, green, white, glitter silver, and glitter gold. They all come in the package.

These are the Winter Blues Heart Mix. The hearts are mirrored blue, glitter silver, light blue, and dark blue.

This is the All Star Mix. These are a variety of sizes of small stars. In the package, you'll find red, black, blue, and turquoise.

Look at all of these glitter silver acrylic stars! There's a few different sizes. They're all pretty small. This is just 1 package!

These are the Modern Christmas Heart Mix. They are all the same size. The package contains red, glitter silver, teal, and mirrored purple.

This package of silver glitter hearts contains 2 sizes of hearts. They're all very small. Can't wait to use these! 

I loved Redefined Kreative's acrylics so much that I already placed a second order. It shipped quickly and I'll be sharing those pieces soon. She offers new releases every month. 

Note: I am not compensated for these products in anyway from the manufacturer. I purchased them and am sharing my opinion on the products. 


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