January Add Ons from Ali Edwards

This month we had a variety of products available as add ons to the monthly subscriptions from Ali Edwards 

This black acrylic 2021 is HUGE. It's made to slide into a 4x6 pocket. I wish I bought more than 1 now!

We had the option of purchasing this sticker book for Week In The Life which is a project Ali will take on later in the year. There are 2 sheets of each set of stickers in the books. 

These stickers are white alpas (letters) in all caps.

This sheet is white numbers 0-9.

Rainbow days of the week stickers. There's a few extras like today, this week, and right now which can be used for making your own pocket cards or embellishing pocket cards. The letters are not individual and are printed on the sticker. 

Love this bright blue! These are a bunch of expressions and numbers in all caps. 

A rainbow mix of patterned and solid hearts and a few sentiments.

Circles in solids and patterns and icon stickers.

Rainbow assortment of label stickers. Love these! Can't get enough labels. I use them for short journaling blocks and labeling the date or place.

This sheet is filled with sentiments. Most of them relate to the Week In The Life project, but you can really use them for anything you need.

These are so cool! They are fabric stickers. They have a really strong adhesive on the back. You just peal off the coated paper and stick. Love these! That arrow one!! Yum. 

Plastic numbers!!! You'll find 1 through 31 in this assortment. They come in a rainbow of colors which is nice. I plan on using these to make a pocket card for the month so I'll use 1-12 for this. Maybe not all of those numbers will be used for this purpose. The rest will be for making dates. That 25 I'm thinking I'll use for our 25th wedding anniversary this summer. 

These are really vibrant colors. Mine look a bit dull because I haven't pulled the plastic sheet off the top of them. I'm not sure how well I captured this in my photo. The 30 has had the plastic sheet removed. The 10 and 20 both still have their plastic sheet on. Looks like the 10 is lighter than the 30, but they are the same exact color. 

That's it for this month's add ons! Oh and yes, I purchased all of the add ons this month. I don't every month. I only buy what I feel like I can really use. I try to have an idea what I would use the products for before I buy them. A little bit of planning goes into purchasing the add ons as we know in advance what they are from Ali's videos.

Note: I am not compensated for these products in anyway from the manufacturer. I purchased them and am sharing my opinion on the products. 


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