Action Story Kit

This month's Story Kit from Ali Edwards is called action. This is one of the subscriptions Ali offers. Each month she takes a different word and creates an entire kit around that word. This month we have a few items that are new to the subscription. Keep in mind that every month the contents are different. There are always 4x6 and 3x4 pocket cards and a variety of embellishments. 

As you can see, the kit comes in this cute, very handy plastic storage envelope. When I finish a kit off, I reuse these for so many projects. I also place all of the add ons for the month in with the kit so you're seeing some items that are not included in this kit and must be purchased separately. More on the add ons later this week.

There was one big change to the kit this year. Previously, the word of the month came in the kit as an acrylic word. Based on feedback from subscribers, this word changed and is now much thinner. I love love love acrylic words and shapes, but I'm really digging this new thin plastic - like overhead projector acetate sheets but a bit thicker. The word is printed in white on the clear plastic. 

The chipboard pieces do not come loose like this. They come in a 4x6ish sheet. I pop them all out to save space. One last thought on this image. The polka dotted storage envelope does not come with a label on it. I make them and label all of my kits like I do my stamps and dies.

Something else that was new for this kit and the year are traveler's notebook sized cards. They are this size for 2 reasons. 1 - they can be used in a traveler's notebook which has become pretty popular. 2 - they can be used in the 3x8 albums Ali sells. They can be hole punched to be placed in the album and are the same width and length as the page protectors. To use them in this size page protector, you will need to trim them. She has already said that they will be more conscious of trimming them in the next round. This is the first time she has created these for the monthly Story Kit. There are 7 cards in this month's kit. I use 12x12 albums with pocket page protectors. My plan for these is to adhere them on to the 12x12 pocket page protector with washi tape which I'll use a liquid adhesive on so they really stick and maybe the Tiny Attacher from Tim Holtz. I will be adhering them so they can flip back and forth. We'll see how this thought works once I actually get to using these. 

Arrows! Love me some arrows. These are puffy stickers. As you can see, these were made in a huge variety of colors. 

Pocket cards! Possibly my favorite thing on the planet. I just can't get enough of them. There are the 4x6 pocket cards. You'll see they're all horizontal. They come with quite a variety of fonts and colors. Some are patterns. Some are quotes. There's a list card. These look like a lot of fun to use. I'm thinking I'll be using this kit for 2 things this year - (1) finishing my bachelor's degree and starting grad school and (2) summer pics at the lake and state parks. 

These are the 3x4 pocket cards. More quotes and sentiments. A few cards for making a list. These make me think of summer - happy, bright colors. The font used on the "take action" card reminds me of the 80's and fun t-shirts with sayings on them and Mork from Mork & Mindy - no idea why! Super fun times.

This is a sheet of label stickers numbered 1 though 11. Yes 11. Ali said that's the number of labels that fit on the sticker sheet so it's 11. The colors are also used throughout the kit. You can use these for a few things. Make a pocket card and use them for the date or the month. No worries that 12 is missing if you do December Daily. Ali suggested using them for making a list. 

The final goodies in the action kit is this 3x4 clear stamp set. We don't normally get stamp sets in the kit so this is a real treat. This stamp set will be really fun to use to make pocket cards. Looking forward to using the stamps just for that! Love that arrow! There's a fun journaling stamp which you can fill in the date, time, place, etc.

There you have it. This the the action Story Kit. I'll admit when I saw the word of the month was action, I was like what in the world will I use this for. Then I watched Ali's video relieving the kit and I was like oh this is perfect for those days at Seneca Lake State Park, Sampson State Park, and Keuka Lake State Park. See a theme? I enjoy walking around those parks and going on a trail at Keuka. We also bring our dogs to walk around and lounge on a beach blanket. We do this about 7 months of the year so I'm pretty sure I'll find plenty of photos and take plenty of photos this year. Not to mention places we've been like trips from years ago that still need to be scrapbooked. Might be fun with some aquarium pics with the sea life being silly. Yeah I'm thinking of you you silly beluga whales at the Mystic Aquarium or feeding the giraffes at the Riverbanks Zoo. That was an AMAZING experience! I was so nervous, but had to do it because when will I ever get the chance again?

A side note. I have removed all of the excess packaging. When your kit arrives, everything comes packaged separately and inside the storage envelope. I dispose of packaging ASAP. I store everything in the storage envelope and find the packaging gets in my way. 

Note: I am not compensated for these products in anyway from the manufacturer. I purchased them and am sharing my opinion on the products. 



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