Fun Tools from Jenn Shurkus

Jenn Shurkus, the Creative Chick, just re-released her Cape Cod clear stamp set. If you ever ventured to Cape Cod and paid a visit to Colorful Creations, you'll recognize some of these stamps. If you missed this stamp set last year, here's your chance to grab it! I missed out on it and was really bummed so I snagged it as soon as I saw Jenn share that it was available again.

The stamp set features several iconic Cape Cod images - the Route 6A sign, Ptown sign, the ferry, Adirondack chairs, lobster, lobster trap, and more. You're covered for all of your Cape Cod adventures with this stamp set. 

While ordering this stamp set, I was looking around to see what else Jenn had available. I was hoping to grab a set to Crop on the Cape, but it has been cancelled again due to COVID. Huge bummer! It's my favorite crop of the year. It's huge. It's also on Cape Cod. Love going to the coast and seeing lighthouses and the ocean. I live off of a lake, but it's not the same. There's just something about the power of the ocean.

I picked up a stamp shammy holder. For years I've been using a styrofoam bowl to hold my Lawn Fawn stamp shammy. 

I've never really liked this, but it was what I had when they came out. It was a great way to leave the shammy in something so it could dry out and keep ink off my furniture. 

Jenn has this available in mint or teal. I went with the teal mermaid shammy case. It is 2 pieces so you could take them apart and wash them if needed. 

Finally, a liquid glue holder! This one is also teal so it matches the shammy holder.

This one has an extra little feature - Massachusetts is on it!

It holds a variety of sizes of bottles as well.

Jenn also has this really cool ruler! This one is a full 12 inches long. It's accurate as well unlike many rules. There are measurements from the full inch down to the sixteenth of an inch! 

This ruler also have a unique feature. It's marked with zero in the center so that you measure out to the left or right. This will be a handy took for scrapbookers and card makers! There's also a 6 inch version if you want something smaller. 

Note: I am not compensated for these products in anyway from the manufacturer. I purchased them and am sharing my opinion on the products. 


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