A Tale of Two Villages

My family went on a little road trip last weekend. I found some cute stickers which I will incorporate into my scrapbooking and help out a high school student. Win win! 

First up, we paid Cazenovia another visit. I love this quaint, little village. So many fun shops and restaurants. No chains here which is lovely. We drove into a winter wonderland! It was absolutely stunning. The snow looked like a painting. 

The stage in the park at Cazenovia Lake. 

The bronze statue of John Lincklaen wearing a scarf. In the summer and fall, I have visited him and looked at his plans for laying out the land which became the Village of Cazenovia. I also make sure he's cobweb and bug free. I really like hanging out with him. He's a real peaceful guy. Doesn't talk much. 

The snow covered walkway which has benches. To the left and right of this walkway is the swimming area in the lake. 

Yup, the lake was frozen solid. I wouldn't walk on it, but it was pretty icy. Look at that snow off in the distance!

Those are the docks for the Brewster Inn. During the summer, they offer a boat tour of the lake. It was pretty interesting hearing about the history of the area.  

These stickers are from a wonderful shop called 20/East. It is owned by the lovely McKenzie. Her son is selling these as a fundraiser. They're about 2 inches tall and perfect for scrapbooking! We spent a great deal of time in our state parks last summer and have a ton of photos to scrapbook. These will be well used. 

The bear explore sticker.
Roam the wild sticker.
Explore our parks sticker.
Skaneateles Lake! Notice anything different? No snow! The lake wasn't frozen at all. The Canadian geese were having a great time chatting away. This photo was taken less than an hour than the photos of Cazenovia Lake. They're about 35ish miles apart. The elevation is different though. Guess which one is higher?
No ice in sight even looking down towards the southern end of the lake. 
Some snow on the tops of the hillside at the southern end of Skaneateles Lake. 

Here's hoping for more travels soon!

Note: I am not compensated for these products in anyway from the manufacturer. I purchased them and am sharing my opinion on the products. 


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