Something New

Happy Scrapbooker is trying something new! We are adding photos of individual products to our Facebook page. You'll find hundreds - literally hundreds - of scrapbooking, pocket scrapbooking, card making, and mixed media goodies in our photo albums on Facebook

We're making photo albums based on themes - similar to what we did in our retail store. Somethings you'll find together in an album such as twine and ribbons. You'll find similar themes also together in one photo album such as summer, beach, and nautical. They're all in one photo album. Each photo album is labeled and there's a few dozen of them on our Facebook page under photos already! 

Each photo is an actual photo of the product. We're not posting the CGI images we receive from the manufacturers. Under each photo, you'll find the details including the price and how many we have available. We're sharing the retail price with you as well. 

Everything on our Facebook page is gone when we sell out! We will not be restocking any of these items. The prices are amazing. Items are at least 25% off the retail price. Many are discounted even more. 

How to order? We have instructions listed in each photo album. All you have to do is say me or mine and how many you'd like if more than 1. Then you send us a message on Facebook with your email address and zip code. We will email you a Square invoice and ship your goodies once the invoice is paid. 

How often will you add new items? We don't have a planned schedule, but we will be adding items several days a week. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and visit our page often!
Will you still have Flash Sales on Facebook? Absolutely! These items are in addition to our Flash Sales. 

Are you still getting new products? We are, but we will be adding them to our Facebook page instead of our website for right now. We are making some changes and cutting back on the products we offer. We are running out of space! 


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