Saving Your Memories...

For me, scrapbooking is all about saving a memory. Don't get me wrong. I absolutely love scrapbooking. Like I can't get enough of it! Yes, I adore all of the papers (I won't ever admit how much paper I have in my studio), the oodles of embellishments (I may have a handful or 12), and the photos. We have boxes of old family photos. Photos that have been passed down a few generations. There's a huge problem. No one knows who these people are! A handful were labeled by my husband's grandmother, but she's long gone so we have no idea if a box is fully of Aunt Lily or if they're just random people who came with the frame.

My husband and I love traveling and sightseeing. We have over 100,000 digital photos....yes you read that - one hundred thousand pics. Crazy, I know. And I treasure every single one. Ok maybe not the blurring ones of my shoes walking. It's lots of fun looking through the pics from a trip to Maggie Valley, North Carolina from years ago. Thankfully, digital pics have data stored in them so I can get the date and a rough location. That data has helped me so many times. 

Over the years, I've gone through computers like toilet paper. Some of those laptops may have been better off as toilet paper. I have an amazing ability to kill a laptop. It's a talent I wouldn't wish on anyone. Before I switched to Mac, if I had a laptop last 2 years it was a miracle. I now on my second MacBook it 9 years and I just got this one a month ago! No idea why Mac's like me. Good thing since I love them. 

With this farm of laptops, I was always moving my digital photos from computer to computer and external harddrives and burning to cds and dvds. So time consuming and the potential for lose is great. 

I've been devastated with the lose of a computer where I lost several years of digital photos. It still breaks my heart and it's been over 10 years. Someday I hope to find a company who can get my photos off of a warped harddrive. Best Buy couldn't and I spent several hundred dollars there trying with nothing to show for it sadly. If you have any suggestions, please send them my way! 

That harddrive failure made me realize how important numerous backups are. Ironically, I was booting up the laptop that day to backup my photos to a brand new external harddrive. It never happened. 

All of this just showed me how important scrapbooking truly is. If I had printed the photos, then I would at least have them. No, I wouldn't have the dates, but I could give a rough guestimate for many of them since we had just come home from a 2 week vacation and we lost all of them sadly.

Save those memories! Triple backup. Yes, triple backup. Backup to multiple cloud services so as Google Cloud, DropBox, and iCloud. An external harddrive or two is not a bad idea either. Print! Print! Print!! Print those photos!!!!

-Sam the Scrapbooker


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