Changes at Sizzix

This year, Sizzix has made some interesting changes. Some were caused by the tariffs on steel. Some were caused by the changes in the craft industry. Some changes were to make them a better company and help their employees more.

Sizzix will have quarterly releases. They had been doing monthly releases. It was a struggle for them and us to keep up with all of it. Retailers already know what's coming out the first and second quarters this year. We have ordered items from the first quarter and second quarter already. First quarter goodies are shipping soon. Second quarter will be sometime in May.

There are 2 new machines coming this year. One is a new color of the Sidekick machine. The second one is a new Big Shot. This Big Shot folds up kind of like a Cuttlebug. The Cuttlebug has been discontinued due to manufacturing issues so this new Big Shot may help out those who are looking for this style of machine.

Dies will now be available for the quarter. If there are any remaining, they'll carry over to the next quarter. Once they're gone, they're gone. So if there's something you want, you have to grab it! They did say that the most popular items will move to the Essentials category and come back in the next catalog, but we have absolutely no way of knowing what those items will be or how long they will stick around.

They're adding new products. They will be carrying new papers, embossing powders, and tools such as a glue gun with its own stand.

The catalogs are changing. Before there were separate catalogs for each industry. Quilting and fiber arts had a catalog. Paper crafting had a catalog. There were catalogs for different designers. No more printed catalogs. They will all be combined into one digital catalog.

Something that is really interesting....they are moving 40% of their dies to be Bigz Dies so they work with a variety of materials not just paper.

It sounds like 2019 will be an interesting journey with the new Sizzix!


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