Price Increases

Several companies have had price increases on several products. They've stated that this is a direct result of the tariffs imposed on items coming from China. Many items labeled as Made in the USA are made with raw materials that are made in China. This impacts items such as dies, papers, and stickers especially. Many items are only made in China. There's literally no one here to manufacture items like enamel dots.
Yesterday we received an email from one of the paper companies that the wholesale price is increasing 20 cents a sheet. In retail dollars, that means at least a 40 cent increase on one sheet of paper! They have another increase coming on July 1st and October 1st from their printer. They are looking for a new printer, but haven't had any luck so far. The owners have told shops that they probably won't survive these price increases. Big sad face!

We are really watching die prices and wowee some companies are increasing those prices. A few are making fewer dies. Some are making them once and that's it. If you miss it when it's introduced, you'll be out of luck.


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