I'm a Pocket Scrapbooker

What's a pocket scrapbooker? Hope on the pocket scrapbooking train and I'll show you the ropes. Pocket scrapbooking is a series of mini layouts in page protectors with premade pockets basically. Pocket page protectors are made by a number of companies including Project Life by Becky Higgins, We R Memory Keepers, Echo Park Paper, Simples Stories, KaiserCraft, Bo Bunny, and Close to My Heart.

Project Life is probably the most popular form of pocket scrapbooking. With Project Life you record your life by the week or month. Journaling is a pretty big part of Project Life. Project Life was my introduction to pocket scrapbooking. I don't do Project Life. I'm not interested in keeping details of my life like what I ate for lunch on Tuesday....I really don't care about those little things. For those who do, that's awesome! Remember, we all have our own reasons for scrapbooking. We all have what's important to us. Don't lose that! You do what makes you happy. You do you!!!

Pocket scrapbooking allows me to get a lot of photos in one album. I use 12x12 D-Ring albums the majority of the time. These hold 12x12 page protectors and the pockets come in a large variety of configurations. I son't use any one style exclusively nor do I use one brand exclusively. I use whatever works for my photos. I scrapbook events, trips, daily pics, whatever floats my boat. With D-Ring albums, I don't have to scrapbook in order. I just pop the rings open and add the page protectors whenever I have time to create. 

We took a trip to a zoo in South Carolina and that one day at the zoo I took 495 photos. Yes, I printed every single one. I scrapbooked 491 of them onto 12x12 layouts. They filled up 3 albums! Yes, 3 albums!!! That's just crazy talk. Who's going to look through 3 albums at pics from a day at the zoo. I made the albums and have only looked at them once or twice. After that scrapbooking adventure which took months to complete I knew I needed to change how I scrapbooked. I thought about going digital, but honestly it's not the look I want. I Have printed out some digital layouts and I just didn't like how flat they were. I love my textures and pops here and there.

Around this time, Project Life was becoming ridiculously popular. Like I said, I wasn't interested in recording Taco Tuesday dinner or my pink toenails (I have never had pink toenails as an adult). I thought about how I could make it work for me. It dawned on me. Forget the weekly stuff. Forget the monthly stuff. Just take your 12x12 layouts and shrink them down. The cool thing is that I can get a ton of photos in a pocket page protector. Sometimes each pocket is filled with a photo. Other times there's mini layouts giving the who, what, where, when details that I care about. Don't forget the embellishments! Plenty of room for them. Good thing since I have a handful or twelve of them.

Some helpful tips for you...

I crop my photos when I print them. I keep them in envelopes. I write the date of the photos on the envelope. I also write the subject on the envelope. Such as Maggie Valley, NC October 12, 2012. I keep the envelopes in date order in photo boxes. I'm an organizing dork. I know it....kind of proud of it. I get goosebumps walking in The Container Store. My first time there I shared on Instagram years ago and they responded! They welcomed me on my first time. I still get giddy thinking about it. 

When I scrapbook at home, an evening craft night with friends, or a weekend crop, I put my photos in my pocket page protectors. I try to do this before I leave my house. I don't want to bring my huge 800 pound page protector storage bin with me.....it may not weigh 800 pounds, but it sure feels like it. I've brought to weekend crops and it's royal pain to lug around and waste time digging to find the one style I'm looking for. Sliding the cropped pics into the pocket page protectors is a great thing to do while your hubby watches Star Wars for the 858 millionth time and you could care less. Hey you're spending time together, right? And he thinks he's in control of the remote. Wink wink.

Ok so here's where nerdy Sam comes out. I have a love affair with 3M. Yes, my hubby knows. I can't get enough Post Its. Seriously. If 3M just delivered a tractor trailer filled with Post Its to my house every day, I would be a happy camper. Love Love Love Love them! They may these tabs ones that are for things like documents where someone needs to proofread or sign it. I write the date of the photos in that row with a Sharpie on the frosty tab. If your local Walmart, Target, Staples, or grocery store is out them, I'm sorry. It's probably my fault. I tend to hoard them when I find them. I only use them once unfortunately, but they help with my organizing needs.

My albums are in date order. Every month, I have a patterned divider. These are from Project Life and they're actually called Designer Dividers. They no longer make these. I'm kind of annoyed about that since I love these things! I have a nice stockpile. When I run out, I guess I'll have to come up with something else to mark the beginning of a new month.

Remember, I'm nerdy about scrapbooking, right? The last day of the month ends with a full page protector. This is my thing. I don't start the next month on the backside. I have to put in my pretty Designer Divider. Yup, I'm quirky that way. 

So to finish off the month, I will make cute pocket card with full on embellishments to fill out the month. I don't care if I have to fill the entire backside of the page protector. We all know I have plenty of paper and embellishments to use. Besides, who can resist such cuteness?

Whenever I don't have enough photos the correct size to fill the pockets, I make cards. I have tons of printed cards. I also have tons of paper. So I use a combo of printed cards and making my own. I tend to add a bunch of embellishments either way. I also try to find a space for some journaling as well. Names are really important especially the spellings. May not seem important today because we know Aunt Lilly but in 20 years from now when she's gone and you're reminiscing about her will you remember is she was Aunt Lily, Aunt Lillie, or Aunt Lilly? 

Names are pet peeve of mine. I have a very unusual name which is rarely spelled correctly. It's almost never pronounced correctly. So I'm kind of picky about names, but these are my scrapbooks so I can be as picky and nerdy as I want. 

That's all I have to share with you today. We have been really busy creating at Happy Scrapbooker and will be sharing lots of new items including our exclusive Project Kits and Mini Books. The first 3 Mini Books we will be sharing this week are all about pocket scrapbooking!

-Sam Scrapbooker


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