About Sam the Happy Scrapbooker

I am Sam the Scrapbooker and the Creative Director for Happy Scrapbooker. I've been a scrapbooker since 2002. This journey began when our first cat was diagnosed with a terminal kidney disease. We brought Happy the tuxedo kitten home just 2 weeks after my husband and I were married. She was my husband's first cat and her adored her. She was his little girl. I knew how heartbroken he was to lose her. We nursed her along for about a year. I wanted to celebrate and remember the good days. Digital cameras were just becoming something the every day person could afford so I took photos of her when she was having good moments.

Happy loved the outdoors. She would sit in windows and our sliding glass door in the dining room and chirp at every little thing that sparked her interest. We got her a leash and took her outside. She loved laying in the grass. She would wander about the sunflowers we had in our small garden. The first layout I ever created was a few photos of her outside in the sunflowers. I found sunflower scrapbook paper at a local chain store. I bought my first album - a denim 3 ring 12x12 album from We R Memory Keepers. Yes, I still have this album! It's still filled with photos of our pets - the early years. 

At times, it is sad to look through this album because everyone in it is gone. We've had a lot of pets over the years. We've fostered and transported many animals to rescues and new homes.  So while it's sad that they're all gone, their memories are with us forever. The good and sometimes bad moments are all preserved and cherished.

It's funny to look back and see Maxx (a puggle we rescued - we were his 3rd home in 10 days!) surrounded by a huge pile of the insides of stuffed animals. He didn't make that mess. He's sitting in the middle of it and looks like he can't believe this happened. Without scrapbooking, we would never have that great memory of Maxx. We'd never remember that his face and ears were once black. They started turning white by the time he was 5 years old. When we said goodbye to him on September 1, 2018, his face and ears were entirely white. We shared a wonderful 15 years with Maxx. He may not be here on earth with us anymore, but his story lives on. 

You'll find that I create a great number of pages about our pets. We don't have human children. Our kids are all furry. We  at Happy Scrapbooker are always on the look out for pet related scrapbooking and stamping goodies. We just can't get enough...ok I can't get enough. There I said it.

You'll also see that I create tons of travel pages. We live in a massive tourist region. The Finger Lakes is the #3 destination in the US for weddings! The agriculture, history, wildlife, and natural beauty surround us every day and I just can't resist photographing the wonderful places, sites, and things around me. I am not born and raised Finger Lakes. I am Finger Lakes by choice. How long we will get to live here, we never know, but we do know we need to cherish every moment we have here. We need to preserve our memories. We need to preserve every historic site we see. The birthplace of Memorial Day and the Women's Right to Vote began HERE. So many things were created here and are long forgotten. 

Everyone has their own style and what works for them. Your creations are amazing. They celebrate you, your family, and your life! Don't try to keep up with the Joneses. You do you and be happy with your work. Whatever your style is, we hope that you will embrace it. Whatever way of scrapbooking makes you happy, go with it! If you enjoy one photo and lots of flower embellishments, seriously go for it! If a series of 3x3 photos on a page makes your heart sing, then go for it! These are your memories. These are your happy times. Scrapbooking shouldn't feel like work. Scrapbooking should make you happy. Scrapbooking is not a competition. Scrapbooking is about preserving your memories and sharing your story.

Don't let your story be forgotten. Don't let your memories be forgotten. Don't let YOU be forgotten.

And thank you for sharing this journey with us! Be sure to share your journey and your story with us on our Facebook group

In loving memory...
Happy, Tigger, Twinkle, Moose, Azreaelle, Belle, Oscar, Sheba, Ashley, Milo, Maxx, Papillion, Benny, Snowball, and all of our fosters and transporters - Much love and thanks to you all for sharing your lives with us!


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